Over Engh Vastgoed provides full support to real estate businesses to help them create optimal value in developing or redeveloping logistics and industrial real estate. The added value of Over Engh Vastgoed lies in its extensive experience in large, complex projects that stand out qualitatively, technically and financially.
An Over Engh real estate product:

Developing industrial and/or logistics real estate requires an active approach. From our own experience, we at Over Engh Vastgoed know that with a sound action plan, any development or redevelopment can compete with surrounding buildings in terms of quality, price and time scale.


All our work is entirely custom. Over Engh Vastgoed is an independent, delegated developer. Over Engh Vastgoed enters into flexible partnerships with proven organisations and suppliers for each individual project under its own leadership and supervision. We strive to make maximum use of the skills and competencies of both parties, so our clients are assured of excellent services and high-quality projects. When working with Over Engh Vastgoed, you will have a single point of contact, who will coordinate the entire development process and take everything off your hands, whilst emphasising transparency and clarity.

Over Engh Vastgoed attaches great importance to long-term relations and is happy to help you explore your long-term approach. Upon entering into a strategic agreement with you, Over Engh Vastgoed will divide all work into four clearly delineated phases. Over Engh Vastgoed’s role in the process will be determined by what expertise and manpower you already have available in your company.

A. Team selection
B. Information gathering
C. Detailing preconditions and frameworks
D. Volume study, schedule of requirements and feasibility study

A. Team selection
B. Concept development
C. Design and technical description
D. Feasibility study based on the estimated investment
E. Sustainability
F. Zoning plan

A. Team selection
B. Preparing marketing instruments
C. Rental/sales activities
D. Preparing tender

A. Team selection
B. Final design
C. Construction permit application
D. Start of construction


Misja Bakker, founder and owner of Over Engh Vastgoed, has a 20-year track record in real estate. After his degree in Business Administration, he started his career as a real estate consultant in the ‘office agency’ of international company JLL, before becoming Associate Director and Deputy Director of the Rotterdam office.

In 2001, he made the switch to project development. At Maasstede Vastgoed Ontwikkeling, he mastered the business of investing in and developing real estate. Since then, Misja has realised, rented out and sold several renowned office and logistics complexes.

In 2007, Misja became the Director of Prisma Bleiswijk Beheer, the sole managing partner of a partnership involved in a 80-hectare development consisting of a business park located along the A12 motorway near Bleiswijk. In this role, he is responsible for operations, optimising the zoning plan, setting up park management, and marketing. Misja is a professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

All services provided by Over Engh Vastgoed are based on thorough insight. Reliability and discretion ensure healthy, long-term relationships.
All services are provided in accordance with the global professional and ethical standards established by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

  1. Act with integrity
  2. Always provide a high standard of service
  3. Act in a way that promotes trust in the profession
  4. Treat others with respect
  5. Take responsibility




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