Create optimal value together

Are you looking for a partner who can advise and support you in the (re)development of logistics and industrial real estate? You can count on Over Engh Vastgoed. Together we create optimal value and in this way realise projects that deserve the quality, technical and financial label ‘excellent’. With Over Engh Vastgoed you opt for an active approach, transparency and creativity.

Projects: an impression

Since its foundation in 2014, Over Engh Vastgoed has been able to contribute to numerous successful projects. On our project page, you will find an impression of various completed and ongoing projects.

Sustainable real estate is real estate that retains its value

To the real estate sector, sustainability often involves energy-saving measures.
To Over Engh, it involves a lot more. In our opinion, it is not only about energy and CO2. We also put topics such as choice of materials, landscaping and location on the agenda. Sustainable real estate is real estate that retains its value. That is why we are committed to projects that create a safe and healthy living environment for now and for future generations.